Every mating in Etrurian Velvet is the result of a work, very well organized, long time before, with the purpose of continual research of peculiarities requested by us and based on 3 different qualities: Health, Behavior and Beauty (good looking and athletic). Obviously, the first goal is absolutely giving birth of healthy IGs; the health is the most important thing in every mating.
Our IGs are born at home; in this environment they begin their imprinting and they ear the first noises of the house. To everyone is given the care from the mummy, but also our deeply and conscientious attention during the wean and the growth in a very healthy way.
We also can guarantee them with all medical care by authorized veterinarian and undergo them to deworming, microchip, and vaccinations, since the first life moments.
Every IG is given away not before 75 days since the day he was born, and everything is documented by a contract.
We can guarantee with all advices pre and post delivery.

In case you are interested in a Italian greyhound, we recommend you to consider everything very carefully, in particular regarding this specific breed.
Take the right information, don’t rush any decision, and be wise.
Pay attention whether this type of dog can be perfect for you or not.
Think carefully whether you have enough time for him or not, in order to avoid leaving him alone for long time, and also think whether you have enough space in your house or not, cause he needs to run, as the Italian greyhound is a very sportive dog.
Think carefully about his coat and be sure not leaving him alone outside during the night, as the cold temperature may be dangerous for him.
Like all passionate dog breeders, we want be sure that you are seriously interested in him and very well organized to welcome him as a new component of your family.

Considering that our breeding approach is not of a purely commercial type but it's oriented to the selection both of the parents reproducers and of their offspring, WE DO NOT TAKE RESERVATIONS for the future purchase of the puppies before their 60 days (and often even beyond), in order to allow us to better evaluate our new born.

For informations about puppies available you can send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are also presents on Facebook with the page "Etrurian Velvet - Italian Sighthounds" and on Instagram with "etrurianvelvet".